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The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce would like to extend an invitation for you to become a member of our team. Our Chamber is one of the most active groups in Ukrainian/American business community. Our membership is dynamic and progressive and we welcome you to take part.

An investment in the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce not only provides individual returns in the form of business referrals and networking opportunities, but also allows members an active voice in determining the economic future of Ukrainian/American business community. The united force of the business community gives our members influence at all levels of government that one member alone could not exert. The extent of your personal influence is directly proportional to your involvement in Chamber leadership and activities in which we urge you to participate. The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce is constantly exploring new avenues that will allow the organization to better serve the community and its members.

We encourage you to consider the benefits of our chamber and look forward to your involvement in the future of YOUR community!

Our Mission

The mission of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce is to provide visionary leadership to enhance economic growth and business retention, enrich the quality of life and instill pride for the people of our community.

Contact Information

(206) 979 - 2938
(425) 430 - 8224
Mailing Address
221 Hardie Ave NW
       Renton, WA 98057
General Information: info@uccus.org

Last modified: 12/04/06