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Buying Power:

By working with the chamber you are able to receive discounts at major retailers like T&A supply, Parker Paint, Home Depot, Office Max, and other suppliers relating to your business. In some cases saving you up to 40% a month in supply purchases alone.

Buy From a Member

The Chamber's "Buy From a Member" program encourages all Chamber members to be sure to patronize other Chamber members.  It ensures that business stays "all in the family" and it's another way your Chamber membership pays you back. The Chamber receives a large volume of phone calls, e-mails, letters, and walk-in visitors who ask where to buy certain products and services.  Of course, the Chamber recommends only its member businesses! 

Insurance Benefits

The Chamber is able to provide exclusive access for its members to companies that are  offering business and health insurance. As you well know for a small business or an independent contractor finding affordable health insurance is difficult. Utilizing our strength in numbers the Chamber can get incredible discounts on premium business and health insurance.

Last modified: 12/04/06